The building blocks to deepen your practice and start teaching Yin Yoga.

Certified by The Yoga People & Yoga Alliance towards a 200, 300 or 500 designation.

Study at your own pace & time. Personalized attention to questions & assignments (3 tasks + design your Yin Class). At completion receive a 20hrs TYP & YA Certificate.


investment $360 usd

  • 01
    Day 1 Live
    Show Content
    • Morning Meditation
    • Morning Practice
    • Course Introduction
    • Feeling Literacy
    • Practicing and Teaching Functionally
    • Anatomy and Meridians
    • Yin Class Analysis
    • Assignment Description: Create your own class
    • Principles of the Practice
    • Afternoon Practice
    • Functional Anatomy - Fascia
  • 02
    Day 2 Live
    Show Content
    • Morning Meditation
    • Morning Practice
    • Yin Inner Experience
    • Yin to Meditation
    • Theoretical Anatomy pt1
    • Theoretical Anatomy pt2
    • Q&A
    • Class Methodology
    • Designing Your Personal Yin Practice
    • Yin Posture Sequencing
    • Pose Organization
    • Afternoon Practice
    • Science of Yin Yoga
  • 03
    Day 3 Live
    Show Content
    • Morning Meditation
    • Morning Practice
    • Yin Practice Experience
    • Intro to Shadow of Meridians and Chakras
    • Q&A
    • 3 Layers of Practice
    • 20 Basic Postures of Yin
    • Students' Presentation
    • Chakra Meditation Method

Go deep, at your own pace.

Yin Yoga is an in-depth, transformative practice that attracts the more experienced Vinyasa Yoga teachers and students. Practitioners are drawn to Yin to develop their yoga experience beyond dynamic and formulaic approaches and to condition the body towards meaningful meditation. 

Yin is customarily taught ‘Functionally’ whereby postures to relate to specific target areas of the body. Postures are held in stillness for periods of time applying progressive tension to the connective tissue of the body, requiring awareness and skill to achieve its special benefits. 

Yin Yoga essentially integrates musculoskeletal anatomy, meridian theory and experiential wisdom on the mental, emotional and physical layers of the body. It becomes a natural portal into a practitioner’s psychology and healing. Yin is for all ages and experience levels, yet requires careful and systematic knowledge and guidance, to ensure effectiveness and safety. 

For students, this course offers an introduction to a deeper physical experience; practitioners can use Yin to support physical recovery and healing, as well as their inner inquiry of meditation and psychotherapy. 

For teachers, this course offers a deeper option for their teaching; which translates to private 1-2-1 therapeutic applications, transformative group experiences, trainings & retreats.

With the On Demand format, you can start anytime, study at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you want. You will receive a training manual, the course recordings and assignments to complete.