Yin Yoga with Jamie Clarke & Dulce Mandala

The Yin Water practices cultivate connecting the Chi flow within the water rich channels of the body. The muscle groups relating to the element of Water are the adductor muscles of the groin. Using Tai Chi flowing movements and postures that stress deeply into the inner seam of the legs, awakens the subtle body and urges these important human emotions to dislodge or regulate into a healthy feeling flow.

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    • 1 hour 24 minutes class
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    • 1 hour 33 minutes class
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Water Yin Energizing

Awakens and magnetises our subtle body when it has become disconnected, stagnated and numb, allowing for the return of feeling and aliveness and a healthy expression our emotional selves.
Energize me $16.00
Water Yin Energizing

Water Yin Pacifier

The Water pacifier practice enables us to go with the flow... Where our emotional energy has become oversensitive, dis-regulated or destructive, then attuning to our feelings in a present and inclusive way allows us to return home to our humanity with harmony and compassion.
Pacify me $16.00
Water Yin Pacifier