Yin Yoga with Jamie Clarke & Dulce Mandala

The Yin Yoga Earth practices work with our grounding essences within the Hamstrings and Spine of the body. These experiences cultivate or harmonise our Earthly energies to restore balanced stability, within an intuitive and holistic process.

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    • 1 hour 25 minutes Class
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    • 1 hours 7 minutes Class
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Earth Yin Energizing

Activates and magnetises our grounded essences when they have become weak and depleted, to restore energy and insight within our mind-body field.
Energize me $16.00
Earth Yin Energizing

Earth Yin Pacifier

The Earth pacifier practice grounds us. Where our rooted energy has become weak or dispersed to the more ethereal elements, this experience brings us home to anchored, connection to ourselves and to our environment.
Pacify me $16.00
Earth Yin Pacifier