freedom is within

The intention of these mediations is reconnection to your inner wisdom to bring you inner peace.

Chakra Meditations

a portal into ourselves

  • Crafted sound

    Working with subtle sounds that make meditating an easier and more profound experience.

  • Guided

    Wherever you are you can meditate and keep your practice with easy to follow audio meditations.

  • Choose your length

    You may only have 15min, perhaps a whole hour, choose how long you want your meditation to be.

Chakra Meditation

with Jamie Clarke

Chakras are spiritual centers in the brain and spinal cord where physical, astral, and causal bodies are knit together and influence one another. According to ancient Yoga theory, the chakras are said to hold the seeds of past patterns, desires, and habits. The function of the chakras is to manifest those patterns to our consciousness so that awareness and integration can unfold to satisfy them. Becoming aware of the karmic seeds stored in the chakras and dissolving them is called chakra purification. Chakra meditation facilitates this process.